Title: Regarding the indulgence of Assam in extra judicial killings and encounters.

SHRI PRADYUT BORDOLOI (NOWGONG): Sir, in our country we have a very well-established norm of delivery of justice but there have been very dangerous precedence and aberrations, and many of our Ministers, Chief Ministers, and people who hold the constitutional posts have had aberrations. Many of them might have been influenced by the western cowboy films, like ‘Shooting from the Hip’, or the fictional character of ‘Licence to Kill’, or even fifth freedom of Franklin Roosevelt.

          Why I am telling this is because in our country following the footsteps of * Assam has also indulged in extra-judicial encounters and killings, and the Assam Police Department has earned this dubious distinction of surpassing ‘Ab Tak Chhappan’. There have been extra-judicial killings and encounters in our State. Since the month of May 2021, as many as 90 cases have been reported. All these cases are extra-judicial cases.

So, I demand that there should be a judicial inquiry and all the culprits should be brought to justice.

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