Title: Regarding healthcare issues of tribals.

DR. KIRIT P. SOLANKI (AHMEDABAD): I want to raise the pertinent issue of tribal health in the country. According to the expert committee report called Tribal Health in India by the health and welfare ministry, 104 million tribal people accounting for 8.6% of India’s population are heavily marginalised and discriminated against. Not only are tribal communities socio-economically deprived, they also face a host of structural inequalities, with access to healthcare being one of the biggest. According to expert committee report, 42% of tribal children are underweight, 1.5 times higher than non- tribal children. They constitute 8% of the total population but having 30% of the malaria cases. Fifty percent of all malaria related deaths are in the tribal population. I urge the Government to release an annual budget amounting to 2.5% GDP on per capita basis for tribal healthcare.



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