Title: Regarding shaming of farmers in Haryana who defaulted on their loans - laid.

SHRIMATI MEENAKASHI LEKHI (NEW DELHI): According to news reports, a Bank in Siwani region of Haryana has put up posters in public places displaying names and photographs of 50 farmers who have defaulted on their loans. The posters appeal to other banks and financial institutions to refrain from giving any loan or financial grant to such farmers. This act of shaming the farmers who have defaulted on their loan is extremely insensitive and inhumanly step has been taken by the banks to recover its money. Haryana received deficient rainfall in 2017 and most tehsils in Bhiwani district received either deficient or scanty rainfall. The overall sown area for Kharif crop in India was 165.21 lakh hectare on June 2018 as compared to 210.75 lakh hectare during the corresponding period in 2017. In such conditions, where farmers are struggling due to unfavorable market and weather conditions, it is inhumanly to shame them. Various legal options are available to the banks to recover their loans but shaming the farmers, especially when the country is grappling with farmer suicides, is unacceptable. The State and the RBI must give directions to all banks to refrain from adopting such methods. The State has to sensitize employees of the banks and other financial institutions to ensure that extra caution is exercised while dealing with such matters.



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