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ANSWERED ON:  03.02.2021
Opening of new Coal Mines
Sanjeev Kumar Singari
Will the Minister of

COAL be pleased to state:-

(a) whether the Government is planning to open new coal mines;

(b) if so, the details of the proposed number of new coal mines and the proposed sites of mining;

(c) whether the Government is planning to use forest lands for the proposed new mines and if so, the details of place and number of hectares of forest land to be used in case of each new mine; and

(d) the percentage of energy needs of India that are achieved through coal mining?



(a) to (d): A statement is laid on the Table of the House.


15th Position

Statement referred to in reply to parts (a) to (d) of Lok Sabha Starred Question No.35 for answer on 03.02.2021 asked by Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singari regarding ''Opening of new Coal Mines''.

(a) Yes Sir.
(b) & (c): Coal India Ltd. (CIL) and its subsidiaries have planned to open 22 new coal mines. The details are as under:
Sl. No. Subsidiary Name of Mine State Area of Forest Land (Ha)
1 Eastern Coalfields Ltd. (ECL) Hura C OC Jharkhand 560
2 Bharat Coking Coal Ltd. (BCCL) Moonidih XV Seam UG Jharkhand Nil
3 Central Coalfields Ltd. (CCL) Sanghmitra OC Jharkhand 553.53
4 CCL Chandragupta OC Jharkhand 663.90
5 CCL Patratu ABC UG Jharkhand 103.43
6 CCL Piparwar Ph-I UG Jharkhand 37.81
7 CCL Kotre Basantpur Pachmo OC Jharkhand 814.93
8 CCL Pichri OC Jharkhand 23.02
9 Northern Coalfields Ltd. (NCL) Semaria OC Madhya Pradesh 333.16
10 Western Coalfields Ltd. (WCL) Gandhigram UG Madhya Pradesh 3.28
11 WCL Sharda UG Madhya Pradesh 9.5
12 WCL Tawa III UG Madhya Pradesh 101.60
13 WCL Dhankasa UG Madhya Pradesh 385.84
14 South Eastern Coalfields Ltd. (SECL) Ambika OC Chhattisgarh 6.28
15 SECL Rampur Batura OC Madhya Pradesh 4.65
16 SECL Durgapur OC Chhattisgarh 251.84
17 SECL Ketki UG Chhattisgarh 208
18 SECL Madannagar OC Chhattisgarh 982.60
19 SECL Pelma OC Chhattisgarh 390.73
20 SECL Porda Chimtapani Chhattisgarh 183.03
21 SECL Batura West OC Madhya Pradesh Nil
22 Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd. (MCL) Siarmal OCP Odisha 349.71

Further the following 19 coal mines have been recently auctioned for commercial mining under the provisions of Coal Mines (Special Provisions) Act, 2015 and the rules made thereunder as well as under the provisions of Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, 1957 and the rules made thereunder:
No. Block Successful Bidder Area ( Tentatively Estimated Green Cover from Forest Survey of India Map (%) Forest Area (in Ha) as per Mining Plan submitted by prior allottee
1 Bandha EMIL Mines and Mineral Resources Ltd. 18.5 40 Not Available
2 Brahmadiha The Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. 0.87 -- Nil
3 Chakla Hindalco Industries Limited 8.63 -- 550
4 Dhirauli Stratatech Mineral Resources Private Ltd. 26.72 55 Not Available
5 Gare Palma IV/1 Jindal Power Limited 10.15 -- 91.179
6 Gare Palma IV/7 Sarda Energy and Minerals Ltd. 4.82 5 Nil
7 Gondulpara Adani Enterprises Limited 4.1 -- 176
8 Gotitoria East Boulder Stone Mart Private Ltd. 1.12 -- 98.85
9 Gotitoria West 2.04 --
10 Marki Mangli II Yazdani International Private Ltd. 3.4 -- 111.8
11 Radhikapur East EMIL Mines and Mineral Resources Ltd. 10.16 -- 218.9
12 Radhikapur West Vedanta Ltd. 10.29 -- 84.7949

13 Rajhara North (Central & Eastern) Fairmine Carbons Private Ltd. 1.09 -- Nil
14 Sahapur East Chowgule and Company Private Ltd. 6.59 -- 9.199
15 Sahapur West Sarda Energy and Minerals Ltd. 6.19 -- 35.263
16 Takli Jena Bellora North & South Aurobindo Reality and Infrastructure Private Ltd. 9.36 0 --
17 Urma Pharitola 9.76 15 Not Available
18 Urtan JMS Mining Private Ltd. 3.79 0 Not Available
19 Urtan North 4.77 -- Nil

(d): Currently, coal accounts for approximately 55% of the country’s primary energy consumption and CIL accounts for about 83% of country’s coal production.

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