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ANSWERED ON:  01.12.2021
Shortage of Coal
Ravneet Singh
Will the Minister of

COAL be pleased to state:-

(a) whether recently most of the coal-fuelled power projects in the country suffered from depleted coal stocks resulting in power outage in the country;
(b) if so, the details of the gap between the demand and actual supply of coal in these power projects, State/ UT-wise along with reasons therefor;
(c) whether the Government is taking any measures and has devised any comprehensive strategy to augment the availability of coal and ensure sufficient supply of coal in these power plants to prevent any such power outages in future; and
(d) if so, the details thereof and if not, the reasons therefor?


(a): Due to increased demand of power, less power generation by imported coal based power plants and some interruption in supply of coal due to heavy rains, the coal stock at the power plants depleted to 7.2 Million Tonne (MT) (sufficient for 4 days) as on 8th October, 2021. Subsequently with increased coal supplies, the coal stock has started increasing and has now reached 16.74 MT (sufficient for 9 days) as on 25.11.2021. Coal India Limited (CIL) has dispatched around 54 Million Tonnes (MT) more coal during April - October’21 in comparison to the same period of last year. CIL has dispatched 291.72 MT coal during this period, against 237.75 MT during the same period of last fiscal.
The month-wise gap between Energy Requirement and Energy Supplied in the country has varied from 0.3% to 1.1% only during the year 2021-22 (April-October). However, even this gap is generally on account of factors other than inadequacy of coal availability in the country e.g. constraints in distribution network, financial constraints, commercial reasons, forced outage of generating units etc.
(b): The state-wise details of coal receipt and consumption in the power plants during 2020-21 (Apr-Sep) is as under:-

Figs. in Thousand Tonnes
April-Sep, 2021
Name of the State Coal Receipt Coal Consumption
Haryana 5170 6811
Punjab 6852 7656
Rajasthan 9055 9553
Uttar Pradesh 41178 44589
Chhattisgarh 50596 53695
Gujarat 13916 13282
Madhya Pradesh 37942 40289
Maharashtra 35163 36771
Andhra Pradesh 17561 18028
Karnataka 7348 7730
Tamil Nadu 15854 15816
Telangana 15173 15424
Bihar 13412 14466
Jharkhand 8025 9137
Odisha 21565 22432
West Bengal 24314 26764
Assam 1076 1208
TOTAL 324200 343651

(c) & (d): In order to maintain adequate coal stock with power plants, various steps have been taken by the Government which are as under:
i. In order to address the issues of coal supplies to power sector, an Inter-Ministerial Sub-Group comprising of representatives from Ministry of Power, Ministry of Coal, Ministry of Railways, Central Electricity Authority (CEA), CIL and SCCL meet regularly to take various operational decisions to enhance supply of coal to thermal power plants as well as for meeting any contingent situations relating to power sector including critical coal stock position in power plants.

ii. CIL had offered about 5.2 MT of additional coal from its various subsidiaries to States, Central Gencos for lifting through RCR/ Road Mode.

iii. In addition to Annual Contracted Quantity (ACQ), coal has been offered under RCR mode on ‘as is where basis’ to build up stock at Power house end is.

iv. The Ministry of Coal has amended Mineral Concession Rules, 1960 with a view to encourage domestic coal production enhancement from captive mines by allowing sale of coal or lignite, on payment of additional amount, by the lessee of a captive mine up to 50 percent of the total coal or lignite produced in a financial year, after meeting the requirement of the end use plant linked with the mine. Earlier this year, the Mines and Minerals (Development & Regulation) Act had been amended to this effect. This is applicable for both the private and public sector captive mines. With this amendment, the Government has paved the way for releasing of additional coal in the market by greater utilization of mining capacities of captive coal and lignite blocks,which were being only partly utilized owing to limited production of coal for meeting their captive needs.

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