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ANSWERED ON:  10.12.2021
Recruitment Rallies of Indian Army
Dayakar Pasunoori
Hanuman Beniwal
Sunil Kumar Pintu
Shriniwas Dadasaheb Patil
Kavitha Malothu
Venkatesh Netha Borlakunta
Sukhbir Singh Jaunapuria
Gaddam Ranjith Reddy
Khan Saumitra
Will the Minister of

DEFENCE be pleased to state:-

(a) the total number of posts of commissioned and non-commissioned staff lying vacant in the Armed Forces;
(b) the details of recruitment rallies conducted by Army recruiting office during each of the last five years along with the total number of youths/cadets recruited during the said period, State/UT-wise including Telangana and West Bengal;
(c) whether there is quota for every State to recruit armed personnel and if so, the details thereof indicating the criteria for organizing recruitment camps;
(d) whether the Government proposes to conduct recruitment campaigns throughout the country for recruitment of youths from various areas including rural areas, if so, the details thereof and the time schedule for conducting such campaigns, State/UT-wise including Bihar, Rajasthan and West Bengal; and
(e) whether the recruitment rallies have been stopped due to COVID-19 pandemic and if so, the details thereof along with the steps taken to fill up the vacant posts of commissioned and non-commissioned staff in the Armed Forces?


(a) The number of posts lying vacant in the Armed Forces are as under:

Service Vacant Posts
Officers JCOs/ORs/Airmen/Sailors
Indian Army
(including AMC/ADC/MNS) 97177
Indian Air Force* 621 4850
Indian Navy 1265 11166

* Excluding Medical and Dental personnel
(b) The details of recruitment rallies conducted by the Indian Army across the country in the last five years are as under:
Year Number of rallies conducted
2015-16 128
2016-17 102
2017-18 106
2018-19 92
2019-20 95

The details of State-wise recruitment by the Indian Army during the last five years is at Annexure.
(c) There is no quota for any State for the recruitment of Armed Forces personnel. However, the recruitment is carried out on the basis of ‘Recruitable Male Population’ (RMP) of respective States.
(d) Army Recruiting Office located in all States carry out awareness programs throughout the year in their area of responsibility with an endeavour to reach out to maximum youth in the State. Four Army recruitment rallies out of 87 rallies have been carried out in Recruiting Year 2021-22 and balance will be conducted based on COVID-19 situation.
The selection of Airmen into Indian Air Force is through Scheduled Tests and Recruitment Rallies. Scheduled Test for Airmen Recruitment (STAR) is conducted twice in a year wherein aspiring eligible candidates from all across the country get the opportunity to appear for the test. In addition, recruitment rallies are conducted with a view to cover low represented, low response, remote areas to maintain demographic balance in the IAF and candidates only from designated districts covered in the rally are permitted to appear.

The Indian Navy has fully migrated to an online application based process. Therefore, no recruitment campaigns are organised in any State/UT.
(e) Yes, Sir. The recruitment rallies by the Indian Army are presently on hold. However, various steps have been taken to fill up vacant posts of Officers and Junior Commissioned Officers/Other Ranks (JCOs/ORs) in Indian Army. Young Leaders Training Wing has been established at Officers’ Training Academy, Chennai with effect from September 2019 to groom prospective service candidates for selection through In-Service entries viz. Army Cadet College (ACC), Special Commission Officers (SCO) & Permanent Commission (Special List).
The rallies by IAF were stopped due to COVID-19 restrictions initially. Still, 11 rallies have been conducted by IAF during the year 2020 adhering to COVID-19 protocols and the vacancies have been filled in the airmen cadre through rally as well as Scheduled Test for Airmen Recruitment (STAR) online examination conducted Pan-India.
The COVID-19 pandemic had an adverse impact on recruitment of officers and sailors into the Indian Navy. The pandemic and associated lockdowns and travel restrictions necessitated a ‘Batch Holiday’ which resulted in non recruitment of 02/2020 sailors batch. However, various measures have been undertaken by the Indian Navy to fill vacancies which, inter-alia, include enhanced emphasis on improved Image Projection/Publicity in audio, visual, print, internet, social media, holding of career fairs, exhibitions, motivational lectures in schools and colleges, computer-based online application filling etc.


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