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ANSWERED ON:  16.03.2022
Illegal Coal Mining
Anil Firojiya
Will the Minister of

COAL be pleased to state:-

(a) the number of illegal coal mining cases reported in Madhya Pradesh during the last three years and the current year, and the details of action taken by the Government in this regard: and

(b) the details of the steps taken/being taken by the Government to curb the illegal mining, theft and many irregularities?


(a) There is no report of illegal mining from the leasehold areas of Coal India Limited (CIL) located in the State of Madhya Pradesh in the last three years & current year.
(b) Illegal mining/theft/pilferage of coal is a Law & Order problem which is a State subject, hence primarily, falls under the domain of the State/District administration to take necessary deterrent action to stop/curb illegal mining/theft/pilferage of coal. The management of subsidiary companies lodges FIR with local Thana to take necessary action.
Steps taken to check Illegal mining of coal:
• Concrete walls have been erected on the mouth of the abandoned mines to prevent access and illegal activities in these areas.
• Surprise raids/checks being conducted jointly by security personnel and law and order authorities of the concerned State Government.
• Dumping of the overburden is being done on the outcrop zones.
• Installation of check-posts at vulnerable points.
• Training of existing security/CISF personnel, refresher training and basic training of new recruits in security discipline for strengthening the security setup.
• Maintaining close liaison with the State authorities.
• Committee/task force has been constituted at different level (Block level, Sub-division level, District level, Sate level) in some subsidiaries of CIL to monitor different aspects of illegal mining.
Steps taken to check theft/pilferage of coal:
• RFID based Boom Barriers and CCTV camera at weighbridges, GPRS based vehicle tracking system with geofencing and CCTV camera at strategic locations installed in mines.
• Regular FIRs are lodged by the colliery Management and CISF with local Thana. A close watch on the activities of criminals is being kept by CISF.
• Interaction and liaison with District officials at regular intervals and holding meeting with Officials of the State Administration.
• Challans for coal transportation by trucks outside the district are being issued after fixing hologram and putting signatures of authorized officials of CISF to check pilferage.
• Armed Guards have been deployed at Railway sidings.
• Escorting of coal rakes in coordination with RPF upto weighbridge, is arranged in pilferage prone areas.
• Surprise re-weighment of coal loaded trucks is done at weighbridges.
• Surprise checks/raids are conducted by flying squads of CISF/security department.
• Regular patrolling is conducted in and around the mine including OB dumps.
• Joint patrolling with local police is also being carried out in pilferage prone areas.
• Check posts have been established at entry/exit points where all coal laden vehicles are physically checked.
• Security at coal dumps has been strengthened by fencing, proper illumination and round the clock guarding.

The Government of India has launched one mobile app namely “Khanan Prahari” and one web app Coal Mine Surveillance and Management System (CMSMS) for reporting unauthorized coal mining activities so that monitoring and taking suitable action on it can be done by Law & Order authorities.

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