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ANSWERED ON:  28.11.2019
Status of Smart Cities
Dibyendu Adhikari
Will the Minister of

HOUSING AND URBAN AFFAIRS be pleased to state:-

(a) whether the Government has failed to achieve the target to develop smart cities during the last three years;

(b) if so, the present status of the development work done in the concerned cities since 2014; and

(c) the timeline by which the Government will be able to achieve the target 100 per cent?

(a) to (c) : No, Sir. Government of India launched the Smart Cities Mission (SCM) on 25th June, 2015 for development of 100 cities as Smart Cities. The selection of 100 Smart Cities has been completed through 4 rounds of selection from January, 2016 to June, 2018.

A total of 5,151 projects worth of Rs. 2,05,018 crore have been proposed by the 100 Smart Cities as part of their Smart City Proposals (SCPs) that are under various stages of implementation.

As per Smart Cities Mission Statement and Guidelines, the Central Government proposes to give financial support to the extent of Rs. 48,000 crore over five years i.e. an average of Rs. 500 crore per city over the Mission period. An equal amount on a matching basis, is to be provided by the State/Urban Local Bodies. Apart from these, around Rs. 42,028 crore (21%) is expected from convergence with other Missions, Rs. 41,022 crore (21%) from PPP, around Rs. 9,843 crore (4.8%) from loans, Rs. 2,644 crore (1.3%) from own resources and remaining from other sources.

As on 18th November 2019, 4,178 projects worth Rs. 1,49,512 crore have been tendered out, which is about 73 per cent of the total value of projects. Out of these, the work orders have been issued for 3,376 projects worth Rs. 1,05,458 crore and 1,296 projects worth Rs. 23,170 crore have been completed. Since, the last 15 months, there has been 183% growth in projects tendered, 224% growth in projects grounded/completed and 284% growth in projects completed. State-wise/City-wise progress of projects is given in Annexure-I.

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