Second Lok Sabha
Members Bioprofile

SALUNKE, SHRI BALASAHEB DAGADUJI, SCF, [Bombay— Khed—(Reserved— Sch. Castes)—1957]: S. of Shri Dagaduji Yesuji Salunke; B. Masur Khurd, Poona, September 10, 1920; ed. at New English School and Shri Gopal High School, Poona; m. Shrimati Chandrabai, March 18, 1951; 2 D.; Businessman; Minister, Education and Health, Bhor State (Deccan) 1948-49; Member, Poona District Price and Supply Advisory Committee, (1948-51); Poona District Prohibition Committee (1949-50); Poona District Development Board (1949-51); Poona District Local Board (1949-52); Bhor State (Deccan) Council, (1946-48); Poona District Backward Class Committee (1949-52); Non-official Visitor, Bhor Sub-Jail (1949-51); President, Bhor Taluka Scheduled Castes Federation (1948-57) and Scheduled Castes Welfare Panchayat Samiti, Poona, (1946-56); Member, Advisory Committee, Shri Krishna Night School, Poona (1936-46); Vice-President, Municipal Kamgar Union, Poona, (1939-49); General Secretary. Ordnance Kamkari Union, Kirkee, Poona, (1948-50); Member, Executive Board, District Scheduled Castes Federation, Poona (1948-57).

Hobbies: Social work.

Favourite pastime and recreation: Reading.

Special interests: Welfare of Depressed and Backward Classes, Rural and Forest Development.

Permanent address: 897, Ganj Peth, Poona-2.

[Voting results at the Election;

Electorate: 3,62,672

Shri Balasaheb Dagaduji Salunke .. 1,05,065

Shrimati Tarabai Sathe ..              63,942]