Third Lok Sabha
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RAO, SHRI S.V. KRISHNAMOORTHY, B.Sc., LL.B., Cong., (Mysore—Shimoga—1962):   S. of Shri S. Vadiraja Char; B. Nallur, Chennagiri Taluk, Shimoga Distt.; ed. at Central College, Mysore University, Bangalore and Law College, Poona, Bombay University; Widower; 1 S. and 3 D.; Advocate; Actively participated in all the constructive activities of the Congress; Started the National Education Society at Shimoga, which is running two boys' High Schools, a girls' High School, and a Middle School for boys and girls; Secretary, Bharat Yuvak Sangh, Shimoga, 1929-30 and Karnatak Sangh, Shimoga, 1937—47; Member, Executive Committee, Kannada Sahitya Parishad, Bangalore, 1937- 47; Suffered imprisonment for 18 months in connection with the 'Quit India' movement, 1942 and Mysore Struggle for responsible Government, 1947; Member, Planning Committee for Industries and Commerce in Mysore, 1945-48; Secretary, National Education Society, Shimoga, 1946—58; Member, Commonwealth Parliamentary Delegation, 1948; Member of several committees, e.g., Standing Committee for Finance and External Affairs, Central Oilseeds Committee, Central Arecanut Committee, State Trading Committee, 1950-51; President, Taluk Congress Committee, District; Bharat Sevadal Branch; Vice-President, District Hindi Prachar Samiti; Member, Executive Committee, Indian Council of World Affairs, Delhi, and Commonwealth Parliamentary Association; Member, Gokhale Institute of Public Affairs, Bangalore; Chairman, Commodity Controls Committee, 1953 and the State Trading Enquiry Committee, 1954; President, Karnataka Sangh, Delhi; President, Kannada Education Society, Delhi which has started a Higher Secondary School in Delhi; Vice-President, Indian Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and Constitution Club, New Delhi; Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to USSR and Yugoslavia, 1955; Deputy Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to China and Hong Kong, 1956; Member, Mysore Representative Assembly, 1945—49; Member, Constituent Assembly of India, 1947—50; Member, Panel of Chairmen in Provisional Parliament of India, 1950—52; Member and Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha, 1952—62; Deputy Speaker Lok Sabha, since 1962.

Hobbies:  Gardening, spinning, reading and writing.

Favourite pastime and recreation:  Travel. 

Special interests:  Education, Law and Constitution.

Club:  Constitution Club, New Delhi.

Publications:  Kannada—(1) Satyagraha in South Africa by Gandhiji (2) To the women by Gandhiji (3) Discovery of India by Jawaharlal Nehru (4) Letters from Delhi (5) Life of Louis Pasteur.  English—Leftist Experiment.

Travels abroad:  Holland, Belgium, England, Scotland, France, Yugoslavia, Athens, China, Hong Kong, Pakistan, London, West Indies, USA, Canada, Honolulu, Japan, Ceylon, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Bangkok, Burma, Uganda and Kenya.

Permanent address:  Old Post Office Road, Shimoga (Mysore State).

[Voting results at the Election:

Electorate:  4,74,499

Shri S. V. Krishnamoorthy Rao                          . .              1,19,250

Shri U. K. Lakshmana Gowda                           . .               1,05,503

Shri H. V. Srikanta Bhatta                                . .                  17,596 

Shri H. H. Manjappa Gowda                            . .                  14,469].