Fifth Lok Sabha
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BRAHMANAND, SWAMI, (Cong.) Uttar Pradesh-Hamirpur—1971, Son of Shri Matadin alias Ladle; b. at Vill. Barahra, Distt. Hamirpur, Aghan Sudi Saptami, Samvat 1951 (Vikrami); educated privately at home; m. Smt. Radhabai, Samvat, 1960 (Vikrami); 1 s. and 1 d.; Agriculturist; became a "Sanyasi" at the age of 24; previously associated with Socialist Party and Jan Sangh; Resigned from Jan Sangh in 1969, participated in the Congress Movement and suffered imprisonment on various occasions; also participated in movements for popular governments in the Princely States of Charkhari, Kadaura, Maihar, Chatarpur, etc.; undertook a fast for ten days in 1938 during the famine in Hissar; broke the fast on the intervention of Mahatma Gandhi after securing a grant of Rs. 5 lakhs per month from the Viceroy's Relief Fund; Ex-President, (i) Hamirpur District Congress Committee, (ii) Hamirpur District Harijan Seva Sangh and (iii) Hamirpur District Backward Classes; Founder and President during initial yeras (i) B. N. Degree College, Rath Hamirpur, (ii) Shri Kasturba Sanaskrit Maha-Vidyalaya, Rath, Hamirpur, U.P.; President, Kisan Vidyapeeth Committee, Santoshpura, Rath; Member, Fourth Lok Sabha 1967—70.

Social activities.—Participated in cow-protection movement and went to jail; worked for removal of evil habits and customs amongst Harijans, such as abolition of child marriage, drinking, dowry system, restoration of temples, etc.; worked in the Shudhi Sabha with Swami Shradhanand; actively associated with Akhil Bharatiya Sadhu Samaj; founded Kasturba Gurukal in Rath, Hamirpur.


Favourite pastime and recreation.—Special service, go-seva, religious discourses, farming and spinning.

Special interests.—Socialism, expansion of education, prohibition, Cow-protection. 

Books published.—'Brahmanand Tarangini".

Permanent address.—Rath, District Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh.