Fifth Lok Sabha
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DIXIT, SHRI GANGACHARAN, M.A., LL.B., (Cong.) Madhya Pradesh-Khandwa—1971, Son of Shri Biharilalji Dixit; b. at Burhanpur, December 19, 1901; ed. at Banaras Hindu University, Banaras; m. Smt. Kamladevi Dixit, 1929; 4 s. and 2 d.; Advocate; was under police surveillance from 1934-38 as a suspected revolutionary; took part in individual Satyagraha, 1939-40 and was imprisoned for six months; took part in the 1942 movement and was imprisoned for thirteen months; Member, (1) B.B. & C.I. Railway Board, 1955-57, (2) Regional Transport Authority, Indore, 1956-61, (3) Board of Affiliated Colleges, Saugar University, 1961-64, (4) Recognition Committee, Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh, 1957-61, (5) Executive Committee, Bharatiya Vidyalaya Shiksha Samiti, Burhanpur, since 1948, (6) Executive Committee, Seva Sadan Post-Graduate College, Burhanpur, since 1957, (7) Academic Council, Saugar University, 1961-68, (8) Court of Saugar University, 1958-68, (9) Board of Teaching, Saugar University, 1958-68, (10) Executive Committee, Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh, 1961-67, (11) Executive Committee, Madhya Pradesh State Handloom Weavers' Cooperative Society Ltd., Jabalpur, since 1952, (12) Executive Committee, Nimar District Cooperative Central Bank Ltd., Khandwa, 1962-69, (13) Burhanpur Marketing Cooperative Society, since 1962, and (14) Pradesh Congress Committee, M.P., since 1952; Secretary, Local Board, Burhanpur, 1938-48; Vice-President, (i) Municipal Committee, Burhanpur, 1946-48, and (ii) District Congress Committee, Khandwa, 1951-60 and again since 1964; President, (i) Cooperative Spinning Mill Ltd., Burhanpur, since 1954, (2) Industrial Cooperative Sizing, Processing and Calendering Society Ltd., Burhanpur, 1963-68, (3) Wholesale Consumers' Cooperative Stores, Burhanpur, 1965-68, (4) Nimar District Cooperative Central Bank Ltd., Burhanpur Branch, since 1960, (5) Ayurvedic Shikshan Mandal, Burhanpur, since 1960; Sanyojak, Provincial I.N.T.U.C. Progress Study Group (organised by the Madhya Pradesh Provincial Congress Committee), 1964-68; President and Sanyojak, City Congress Committee, Burhanpur, since 1940; President and Founder, I.N.T.U.C, Tapti Mill, Burhanpur, since 1948; Chairman, (i) Bhartiya Vidhan Sikhshan Samiti since 1967, (ii) Janpad Sabha, Burhanpur, 1948-67, (iii) Burhanpur Production Centre (under the Jabalpur Cooperative Handloom Provincial Society); Director, (i) Nimar Life Cooperative Central Bank, Khandwa, since 1962, (ii) M.P. Central Cooperative Handloom Society, Jabalpur, since 1952, (iii) Industrial Cooperative Sizing, Processing and Calendering Society since 1963, (iv) Wholesale Cooperative Consumers' Stores, Burhanpur, since 1965 Member, Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly 1952-57 and Member, Fourth Lok Sabha 1967-70.

Social activities.—Working for removal of untouchability, promotion of education by starting new Schools and running of Higher Secondary School and Ayurvedic Degree College, Village Development and cooperative movement.

Hobbies.—Writing poems and literary article in Hindi.

Favourite pastime and recreation.—Reading.

Special interests.—Social, economic and educational uplift of villagers and labourers.

Books published.—Antardhara (Poems).

Permanent address.—Loharmandi, Burhanpur Distt. East Nimar State, Madhya Pradesh.