7th Lok Sabha
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BAHUGUNA, SHRI H. N. B.A. [Congress (1) Uttar Pradesh, Garhwal 1980]  s. of late Shri Rewati Nandan Bahuguna: b. at Bughani village Garhwal District, April 25, 1919; ed. ; at D.A.V. College, Dehradun, Government College, Allahabad and Allahabad University; m. Smt. Kamala Bahuguna 1946: 2 s. and 1 d.; Political and Social Worker and Agriculturist; previously associated with Congress, Congress for Democracy and Janata Party; studies interrupted for taking part in 'Quit India Movement, 1942' ; declared a blonder by the then Delhi and Uttar Pradesh Government, arrested and kept in detention in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh Jails during 1943-45; also actively participated in Students' Movement; Parliamentary Secretary, Labour  and Social Welfare, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, 1957; Deputy Minister, (i) Labour and Industry, Government of Uttar Pradesh, 1958-60, (ii) Labour, Government of Uttar Pradesh;  I962-63; Minister, Finance and Transport, Government of Uttar Pradesh, 1967, Union Minister of Communications, 1971; Chief Minister, Government of Uttar Pradesh, 1973-75; Union Minister of Petroleum and Chemicals and Fertilizers, March 1977-July, 1979; Union Minister of finance, July 1979 October 1979; Member, Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee 1952; Special Representative of All India Congress Committee for conducting; first general elections in Himachal Pradesh in 1952; Member, All India Congress Committee, 1957; General Secretary, U.P. Pradesh Congress Committee, 1963-69; Deputed by the All India Congress Committee to Conduct mid-term election; in Haryana, 1968, Member, Working Committee, All lndia Congress Committee, 1959-1971, General Secretary, All India Congress Committee  196971, Founded Congress for Democracy alongwith Shri Jagjivan Ram and became its General Secretary  1977; Member, (i) Working Committee, Allahabad University Union, 1940-41, (ii) Working Committee of Indian National Trade Union Congress, (iii) National Executive, Indian National Trade Union Congress, and (iv) Uttar Pradesh Students' Federatian; Dictator, (i) Allahabad Students' Federation, (ii) Allahabad University Union 11th  August 42 to 1st February 1943, (iii) Uttar Pradesh Students' federation, and (iv) Indian National Trade Union Congress, Uttar Pradesh; President, Uttar Pradesh Electric Workers' Federation; vice-President, All India Defence Employees, Federation; Member, Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, 1952-69 and 1974-77; Member, (i) Fifth Lok Sabha, 1971-74 and (ii) Sixth lok Sabha, 1977-79. 

Social activities:  Orgainised  a large number of Trade Unions at Allahabad under the Indian National Trade Union Congress, Founder, (i) Central City Organisation, Mazdoor Sabha, (ii) Ranjit Pandit Inter College; Naini, Allahabad, (iii) Feroze Gandhi Junior  High School, Samsabad, Allahabad, and (iv) Ranjit Pandit Junior High School, Sahzadpur, Sirathu, Allahabad. 

Favourite pastime and recreation:  Gardening and Reading. 

Special interests:  Welfare of youth and Harijan upliftment and Minorities. 

Publications:  Author of a number of articles; Written a pamphlet entitled 'Indianisation Whom' ? published by All India Congress Committee in 1970.  

Travels abroad:  U.K., Germany, France, Italy, U.A.R., Rumania, U.S.S.R., Iraq, Norway, U.A.E., Libya, Saudi Arabia. 

Permanent address:  12-B. Hastings Road, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.