Title: Regarding toilets facilities for transgender/third gender people.

SHRIMATI PRATIMA MONDAL (JAYNAGAR) : Sir, I would like to draw the attention of the House to an important issue regarding toilets for transgender and third gender people. …(Interruptions)

       Sir, toilets are the basic necessities for us. The use of public toilets is one of the most common thing, but it is not easy for the transgender and third gender people. …(Interruptions)

       Men use the men's room, women use the women's. The transgender people have a grave dilemma over the choice of their public toilets. Dealing with stares, sniggering, taunts and threats of violence are the dreadful situations that they face. It is something that is as natural as using a washroom. …(Interruptions)

       In 2014, the Supreme Court of India accorded ‘Third Gender’ status to transgender people and an individual's right to determine the gender they want to identify with. The verdict also included a directive for separate toilets for transgender individuals in public places including hospitals. …(Interruptions)

SHRI T. R. BAALU : Sir, you should provide security to them. …(Interruptions) Even you are not allowing us to speak. .…(Interruptions) We are walking out in protest. …(Interruptions)

12.16 hrs

(At this stage, Shri T.R. Baalu and some other

hon. Members left the House.)


SHRIMATI PRATIMA MONDAL: But we hardly come across these toilets in public and finding a gender-neutral toilet in India is almost next to impossible. …(Interruptions)

       So, I would request the Government to provide necessary infrastructure so that 4.88 lakh people of our country can lead their life with normalcy and dignity. Thank you, Sir, for giving me this opportunity.

HON. SPEAKER :  Shri H. Vasanthakumar – not present.

       Shrimati Vanga Geetha Viswanath.



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