Title: Regarding plastic ban in Delhi -laid.

SHRI PARVESH SAHIB SINGH VERMA (WEST DELHI): Plastic of less than 50 microns was banned in Delhi under the new Plastic Waste Management Rules. Also National Green Tribunal has imposed a heavy fine of 5000 on the usage of plastic bags. However, plastic continues to be used in Delhi openly. About 30,000 kg of plastic bags were seized within months of the ban. Delhi produces highest amount (690 tonnes) of plastic waste in the country according to Central Pollution Control Board. About 90% of this waste is not recyclable and as a result, plastic waste is the main contributor for choking of drains in Delhi. Plastic not only contaminates soil, rivers or oceans but also pollutes the air that we breathe. Therefore, I urge the government to immediately direct the responsible authorities in Delhi to implement plastic ban in a full-fledged manner.




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