Procedure for Downloading Unicode Hindi Font Utsaah

Unicode Hindi font Utsaah, for downloading Hindi Font, you may please click the


2. How to add the fonts to your system

a. Save the fonts file into c:\windows\fonts directory

b. Once the font is added to your system, you can see the text in Hindi using any browser.

c. After downloading Unicode Hindi Font Utsaah for Verifying please click

 View Hindi Debate in Utsaah

3. UNICODE BILINGUAL TYPING TOOL (GIST) : After installation of UNICODE BILINGUAL TYPING TOOL (GIST), please follow the procedure mentioned below :-

i. Click the ‘GIST-OT-Typing Tool’, icon on the desktop;

ii. Select one of the options from the ‘Keyboard Type’ from the Typing Tool window;

iii. Select one of the options from ‘Script Key’ from the same window and press the same ‘Script Key’ option from your key board, for its activation;

iv. Minimize the Typing Tool window, to start typing Hindi.

v. To switch between Hindi and English typing, ‘press and release’ the selected Script Key on your keyboard