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ANSWERED ON:  02.03.2020
Van Dhan Kendras Stage-II Schemes
Achyutananda Samanta
Will the Minister of

TRIBAL AFFAIRS be pleased to state:-

(a) the details of the number of proposals to set up Van Dhan Kendras which have been accepted by the Government till date and the amount of funds disbursed for setting up these Kendras, State-wise;
(b) whether the Government has identified any of these Kendras as well-performing Kendras which will be converted into pucca facilities for Stage II of the Scheme, if so, the details thereof; and
(c) the details of the criteria, parameters and procedure being used by the Government to determine which Kendras will be converted into pucca facilities?

(a) A statement containing the number of VanDhanKendras(VDVKs) and amount of fundssanctioned to State Governmentsfor setting up these Kendrasis giveninAnnexure.
(b) Currently, Van DhanKendras (VDVKs) are being established and operations have begun. Evaluation of the VDVKs will be conducted after successful completion of six months of the business cycle by the VDVK. Thereafter the successful VDVKs will be changed to Pucca Kendra. As on date, no Kendra has been identified as well-performing Kendra.
(c) As per the guidelines of the scheme ‘Mechanism for Marketing of Minor Forest Produce (MFP) through Minimum Support Price (MSP) and Development of Value Chain’ of Ministry of Tribal Affairs, assessment of respective Kendras shall be performed by District Level Coordination and Monitoring Committee (DLCMC) and finalized by State Level Coordination and Monitoring Committee (SLCMC). Based on the assessment, the District Collector shall submit a proposal to Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED) for sanction of pucca Kendra. TRIFED will scrutinize and approve the proposal and once approved, funds will be directly released to the Zila Panchayat for the pucca Kendra.


Statement in reply to part (a) of Lok Sabha Unstarred Question No. 1758 regarding “VAN DHAN KENDRAS STAGE-II SCHEMES” raised by SHRI ACHYUTANANDA SAMANTA for answer on 02.03.2020.

States No. of VDVKs Sanctioned Amount Sanctioned
(Rs. in lakhs)
Andhra Pradesh 75 1064
Assam 27 405
Bihar 8 81.50
Chhattisgarh 139 2085
Goa 1 15
Gujarat 38 569.35
Jharkhand 39 569.7
Karnataka 19 285
Kerala 13 195
Madhya Pradesh 86 1290
Maharashtra 64 960
Manipur 77 1155
Mizoram 44 581.55
Nagaland 71 1065.00
Odisha 156 2269.25
Rajasthan 25 372.2
Tamil Nadu 7 105
Telangana 17 255
Tripura 17 226.25
Uttar Pradesh 5 59.55
Total 928 13608.35


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