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ANSWERED ON:  18.12.2013
Will the Minister of

HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT be pleased to state:-

(a) the details of Central Universities presently functioning in the country;

(b) whether the Government has evaluated the performance of the Central Universities on various parameters like content, quality, research, innovation, faculty development and affirmative action;

(c) if so, the details thereof;

(d) the details of the directives issued by the University Grants Commission (UGC) for implementation of reservation policy for Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes in academic and non-academic posts in the Central Universities and the extent to which they have been implemented; and

(e) the concrete steps being taken to improve the performance of the Central Universities in the country?

the Minister of Human Resource Development. Issues discussed covered areas such as improvement of quality of education, filling the vacant teaching posts on priority, faculty development, extension work in contiguous areas for finding solutions to the problems of the local community, collaboration with the industry and research laboratories, promoting innovation, effective use of technology in teaching learning process, mandatory accreditation, integration of skills in higher education to increase employability, strengthening autonomy with proper accountability, etc. The recommendations arising out of these meetings have been shared with all the CUs and the UGC for appropriate action.

(d) All the CUs, except the AMU & JMI, are following the guidelines of the UGC on the reservation policy of the Government of India for teaching and non-teaching posts. As per the policy of the Government of India, 15 and 7� percent posts are reserved for SCs and STs, respectively in admission as well as employment at the level of Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor, and non-teaching Group �A� and �B� posts. For employment in Group �C� posts, the reservation policy of the respective State Governments are applicable.

(e): Improvement in the performance of CUs is an on-going process. The Government has introduced almost the best pay scale and promotional avenues to teachers of the CUs to attract young talent into teaching profession. The schemes and programmes introduced by the UGC for the improvement of quality in the CUs, inter alia, include:
i) Introduction of Semester System,
ii) Periodic updation of curriculum,
iii) Introduction of choice-based credit system,
iv) Increase in the number of Ph.D. and post-doctoral scholarships and enhancement in amount of scholarship,
v) Prescription of minimum qualification for appointment of teachers and other academic staff,
vi) Introduction of mandatory assessment and accreditation,
vii) Establishment of Internal Quality Assurance Cell,
viii) Introduction of Faculty Recharge programme to augment research and teaching resources,
ix) Liberal financial support under the schemes of Norm-Based Funding and University with Potential for Excellence, and
x) Collaboration with Foreign Educational Institutions.

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