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ANSWERED ON:  17.03.2021
Digital Literacy Under PMGDISHA
Kaushal Kishore
P.P. Chaudhary
Aparajita Sarangi
Will the Minister of


Will the Minister of Electronics and Information Technology be pleased to state:-

(a) the number of individuals trained and certified as digitally literate under Pradhan Mantri Digital Saksharta Abhiyan (PMGDISHA) as on date, State/UT-wise;
(b) the target fixed by the Government with regard to making people digitally literate under the said Abhiyan;
(c) the steps taken by the Government to achieve the target set under the programme;
(d) whether the implementation of the scheme has been slow in Odisha and Rajasthan and if so, the details thereof and the reasons therefor along with the steps taken by the Government in this regard;
(e) the number of awareness workshops held in the State of Uttar Pradesh, Odisha and Rajasthan till date under the PMGDISHA; and
(f) whether the Government expects the PMGDISHA to increase the reliance on digital transactions and if so, the details thereof ?

) and(b): Government of India had approved a scheme titled “Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan (PMGDISHA)” to usher in digital literacy in rural India by covering 6 crore rural households (one person per household) in February 2017. Under the PMGDISHA Scheme, as on 12.03.2021, around 4.54 Crore candidates have been enrolled and around 3.69 Crore candidates have completed the training out of which more than 2.71 Crore candidates have been certified. The state/ UT wise targets and status is at Annexure.

(c): The implementation of the Scheme is carried out through CSC e-Governance Services India Private Limited (CSC-SPV) through training centres/Common Service Centres(CSCs) located at the Gram Panchayat level. All the authorised training centres/CSCs can register and train candidates from specified area of Gram Panchayat across the country as per the prescribed eligibility criteria. To ensure equitable geographical reach, each of the 2,50,000 Gram Panchayats across the country are envisaged to register an average of 200-300 candidates.

(d): In the state of Odisha, against the stipulated target of 25,17,000, as on 12.03.2021, a total of 24,80,401 candidates have been enrolled and 19,57,129 have been trained, out of which 14,70,629 candidates have been duly certified.

In the state of Rajasthan, against the stipulated target of 37,12,000, as on 12.03.2021, a total of 22,46,741 candidates have been enrolled and 17,73,993 have been trained, out of which 13,00,509 candidates have been duly certified.

Since March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in widespread impact on the implementation of PMGDISHA scheme across the country including the states of Odisha and Rajasthan. Due to COVID-19 and ensuing Lockdowns imposed by Central /State Governments, the training centres had to be kept closed for around six months. After the easing of lockdown restrictions in September 2020, the enrolment, training and certification activities have been opened up in a phased manner while following the social distancing norms. Now the Scheme implementation has picked up across the country including in the states of Odisha and Rajasthan. After the onset of pandemic, a total of 90,14,374 candidates have been registered, 65,34,990 candidates have been trained, out of which 55,85,613 candidates have been duly certified across the country. Since the onset of pandemic, in the state of Odisha, 3,02,217 candidates have been registered, 1,89,796 candidates trained and 2,09,531 candidates certified and in the State of Rajasthan, 4,07,541 candidates have been registered, 2,83,577 candidates trained and 2,20,993 candidates certified.

(e). Regular workshops and training sessions for various stakeholders engaged in implementation of the Scheme have been organized in various states/ UTs since the inception of the PMGDISHA scheme. Since March 2020, such workshops have been organized virtually due to the pandemic situation. A total of 302, 126 and 123 state/district level workshops have been organised in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Odisha and Rajasthan respectively.

(f). Special focus of the PMGDISHA Scheme is on training the beneficiaries on use of Electronic Payment System. The outcome measurement criteria include undertaking at least 5 electronic payments transactions by each beneficiary using UPI (including BHIM app), USSD, PoS, AEPS, Cards, Internet Banking. This increases the confidence level of the beneficiaries to carry out digital transactions. The 3rd party assessment of PMGDISHA scheme conducted by Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), New Delhi, indicates that over 70.5% of the respondents have mentioned using the digital means for various financial services like banking, digital payments, etc.

States/Union Territories-wise targets and achievements under PMGDISHA Scheme
(No. of candidates as on 12.03.2021)
S. No. State Name Registered Trained Certified
1 Andaman and Nicobar Islands 296 95 35
2 Andhra Pradesh 9,37,801 6,80,237 4,80,125
3 Arunachal Pradesh 3,278 1,116 797
4 Assam 21,86,085 17,28,175 13,81,346
5 Bihar 47,85,570 39,90,836 28,61,081
6 Chandigarh* 0 0 0
7 Chhattisgarh 24,24,233 20,19,631 15,10,315
8 Dadra and Nagar Haveli 1,455 521 339
9 Daman and Diu 1,151 598 404
10 Delhi 383 227 169
11 Goa 2,116 1,172 882
12 Gujarat 20,12,411 16,94,065 12,25,654
13 Haryana 16,13,032 13,33,366 9,96,885
14 Himachal Pradesh 2,66,285 1,79,335 1,28,844
15 Jammu and Kashmir 3,41,250 2,49,522 1,84,559
16 Jharkhand 19,25,259 14,97,421 10,78,908
17 Karnataka 7,95,250 5,98,849 3,94,845
18 Kerala 44,498 20,793 16,533
19 Lakshadweep 37 12 0
20 Madhya Pradesh 36,49,646 29,96,480 21,37,838
21 Maharashtra 28,05,215 22,16,328 15,78,438
22 Manipur 9,614 5,309 3,327
23 Meghalaya 74,635 51,504 32,819
24 Mizoram 7,689 5,332 3,087
25 Nagaland 5,148 3,716 2,730
26 Odisha 24,80,401 19,57,129 14,70,629
27 Puducherry 11,823 8,237 5,557
28 Punjab 12,61,362 10,28,742 7,82,648
29 Rajasthan 22,46,741 17,73,993 13,00,509
30 Sikkim 784 579 240
31 Tamil Nadu 8,16,242 6,31,284 4,50,792
32 Telangana 5,90,215 4,51,718 3,17,087
33 Tripura 1,64,046 1,08,975 82,773
34 Uttarakhand 4,63,804 3,61,637 2,68,585
35 Uttar Pradesh 1,19,55,912 1,01,39,399 74,98,502
36 West Bengal 16,06,429 12,52,374 9,55,215
37 Ladakh 1,664 1,198 895
Total 4,54,91,760 3,69,89,905 2,71,53,392

* Chandigarh falls under urban agglomerations hence not covered under the scheme.


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