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ANSWERED ON:  28.07.2021
Access to Internet and Digital Transaction
Aparajita Sarangi
Will the Minister of

COMMUNICATIONS be pleased to state:-

(a) the details of internet penetration in the country, State/UT-wise;

(b) the details of internet peneration in the rural areas; State/UT-wise;

(c) whether the lack of access to internet has hampered digital payments in many areas and if so, the details thereof and the action taken by the Government thereon;

(d) the steps taken by the Government in the last five years to improve the quality of digital access in rural India;

(e) whether the rate of digital transactions has increased in rural India over the last five years; and

(f) if so, the details thereof including the percentage increase in digital transactions in each year, State/UT-wise including Odisha?


(a) & (b) As per latest “The Indian Telecom Services Performance Indicators” report released by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on 27th April, 2021, there are 58.51 internet subscribers per 100 population in the country and 34.60 internet subscribers per 100 population in the rural area of the country as on 31st December, 2020. The Service Area wise details are at Annexure A.

(c) & (d) As per data provided by Telecom Service Providers and field units of Department of Telecommunications, it is estimated that out of 5,97,618 inhabited villages (as per Census 2011) in the country, a total number of 5,72,551 villages have internet facility with mobile wireless coverage.

In its endeavour to provide high speed internet connectivity, Government of India is also implementing BharatNet project in all the Gram Panchayats (GPs) and villages of the country. As on 01.07.2021, a total number of 1,57,383 GPs have been made service ready with high speed internet/ broadband infrastructure.

In addition, various schemes are being implemented under Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF) to enhance mobile internet services in the rural and remote areas of the country including North Eastern Region(NER), areas affected by Left Wing Extremism(LWE), Border areas, Aspirational Districts and islands during last five years.

(e) & (f) As informed by Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology, while data specifically for rural India is not available, digital transactions in the country have increased over the last 5 years. Digital payment volumes have grown from 1,085 crore transactions in financial year (FY) 2016-17 to 5,554 crore transactions in financial year 2020-21 at Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 50.42% as per below:
Financial Year Volume (in crore) Value (in ? lakh crore)
2016-17 1,085 1,393
2017-18 2,071 1,962
2018-19 3,134 2,482
2019-20 4,572 2,953
2020-21 5,554 3,000
State/UT-wise digital transaction data is available for the last two years (FY 2019-20 and FY 2020-21) for five digital payment modes i.e. BHIM App, Immediate Payment Service(IMPS), RuPay on Point of Sale(POS), Unified Payments Interface(UPI) and Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) and is given in Annexure B including Odisha.

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