Third Lok Sabha
Members Bioprofile

VAISHYA, SHRI MULDAS BHUDARDAS, Cong., [Gujarat—Sabarmati—(Reserved—Sch. Castes)—1962]:  S. of Shri Bhudardas Premdas Vaishya; B. Village Umta, Taluka Visnagar, District Mehsana, Gujarat State, August 16, 1896; ed. at Visnagar Primary School and Baroda High School; m. Shrimati Shivdevi, May 15, 1935; 2 S. and 2 D.; Social worker; Member, Textile Labour Association, Ahmedabad, and Indian National Congress since 1921; Founder President, Maha Gujarat Dalit (HariJan) Sangh, 1922—48; President, Antyaj Conference, Mehmedabad (Distt. Kaira), 1927; Member of the School Board, Ahmedabad Municipality for 15 years, Backward Classes Board, Bombay, 1936; President Maha Gujarat Dalit (Harijan) Conference, Ahmedabad, 1936; Member, Ahmedabad Municipality, 1939; President, Mehsana Distt. Weavers' Association, 1948; Member, Senate of Gujarat University for ten years; Member, Price and Supply Advisory Committee, Ahmedabad; Member, Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Committee, Ahmedabad; Member, Gujarat Harijan Sevak Sangh, All India Harijan Sevak Sangh and Akhil Bhartiya Depressed Classes League; Vice-President of Depressed Classes League, Gujarat State, Post and Telegraphs Board, Bombay; Active member of seven educational Boards and Boardings of the scheduled and backward classes of Gujarat; President of Nashabandhi Seva Samiti, Ahmedabad City and Distt. Asprushyata Nivaran Samiti, Ahmedabad Citv and Distt. Vikas Mandal, Civil Hospital Advisory Committee; Second Class Hony. Magistrate of Ahmedabad Distt.; Suffered imprisonment for Congress activities in 1930; Member, Baroda State Legislative Assembly, January 17, 1925 to january 17, 1928, Provisional Parliament, February 23, 1951 to May 9, 1952 and First Lok Sabha, 1952—57.

Social activities:  Working for about 50 years amongst depressed and backward classes for betterment of their life socially and economically by (i) eradication of drink (ii) discontinuance of feasting on the occasion of the demise of some family members, (iii) spreading education, (iv) avoiding customs like early marriage etc., (v) Inculcating among them the spirit of thrift and (vi) cultivating habits of living clean and healthy life.

Hobbies:  Spinning and reading.

Favourite pastime and recreation:  Swimming and morning and evening walk.

Special interests:  Social work.

Books published:  Antyaj Udharak (Gujarati).

Permanent address:  17, Sutariya Society, Shahpur Gate, Ahmedabad.

[Voting results at the Election: 

Electorate:  4,54,460

Shri Muldas Bhudardas Vaishya                             . .               1,28,242

Shri Gulabrai Hiralal Maraiya                                  . .                  84,031

Shri Karsandas Unabhai Parmar                            . .                  47,308].