Second Lok Sabha
Members Bioprofile

FATEHSINHJI, THAKOR SHRI, M.G.J.P. (Bombay—Kaira —1957): S. of Shri Ratansinhji; B. Ghodasar, September 5, 1909; ed. at Scott College, Sadra; m. Rani Saheb Jayendrakunverba, April 24, 1931; 3 S. and 6 D.; Ruler of former Ghodasar State, 1930-43; Hony. 2nd Class Magistrate, Kaira District, 1930-43; Was elected Member of Constituent Assembly on behalf of all non-salute States of India but resigned later; Holder of Diploma in radio engineering from Technical and Commercial Radio College, London; Interested in rural uplift.

Hobbies: Radio and automobile engineering.

Favourite pastime and recreation: Reading, small and big game shooting.

Special interests: Astrology and Medicine. 

Sports: Tennis, Cricket and shooting. 

Publications: Indian States and Paramountcy.

Permanent Address: P.O. Ghodasar, Via. Mehmadabad (Kaira), Bombay State.

[Voting results at the Election:

Electorate: 3,86,245

Shri Thakor Fatehsinhji ..            1,27,646

Shri Dabhi Fulsinhji Bharatsinhji .. 1,07,135

Shri Manilal Khedidas Patel ...      10,723]