Third Lok Sabha
Members Bioprofile

RENUKA RAY, SHRIMATI, B.Sc., (Econ.) London, Cong. (West Bengal—Malda—1962): D. of Shri Satish Chandra Mukerjee; B. Calcutta, January 4, 1903; ed. at Loretto House School and Diocesan College, Calcutta London School of Economics, London University; m. Shri Satyendra Nath Ray, October 26, 1925; 1 S. and 1 D.; Member, Central Legislative Assembly, 1943—46; Member, Constituent Assembly; Member, Provisional Parliament, 1948-52; Member, West Bengal Legislative Assembly, 1952—57; Member, Second Lok Sabha, 1957—62; Member, Central Board of Education, 1941—49; Member, Governing Body of Visva Bharati, Shantiniketan, 1941—48 and again since May 1958; Member, Estimates Committee of Parliament, 1948—52 and again 1957—59; Full delegate in the Indian Delegation to the U.N. General Assembly, May 1949; Member, Family Planning Board; Member, Central Silk Board; Minister for Rehabilitation, Government of West Bengal, 1952—57; President. All India Women's Conference, 1952—54; Leader, Social Welfare Team Committee on Plan Projects, Planning Commission, 1958-59; Chairman, School Health Committee, Ministry of Health, 1960-61; Member, All India Congress Committee, 1960.

Social activities:  Started branches of the All India Women's Conference in different districts; As Social Secretary, initiated campaign for removal of legal disabilities of women in social laws; In 1943 represented Women's Conference in the Central Legislative Assembly in regard to social legislation;. Took special interest in prevention of immoral traffic in women and in regard to condition of women labour in plantations and mines; Carried adjournment motion in Central Assembly in 1944 against the British Government and succeeded, in restoring the ban on women underground in mines during the War years; In 1946 worked under Gandhiji during Noakhali and Calcutta riots.

Special interests:  Social work and economic problems.

Travels abroad:  Far East (including China, Japan and Malaya), Europe and U.S.A.

Publications:  Pamphlets and brochures pertaining to women and children and other social welfare activities.

Permanent address:  24/1, Ballygunge, Circular Road, Calcutta—19.

[Voting results at the Election:

Electorate:  4,63,938

Shrimati Renuka Ray                                  . .                1,01,336

Haji Abdus Sattar                                       . .                  65,515

Shri Atul Chandra Kumar                            . .                  64,841]