Third Lok Sabha
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DAFLE, SHRI VIJAYASINHRAO RAMARAO, Cong., (MaharashtraŚMirajŚ1962):  S. of Shri Ramrao; B. at Jath, July 21, 1909; ed. at the Deccan College at Poona; m. Shrimati Usharaje, June 12, 1949; 1 D.; Agriculturist; Former ruler of the State of Jath in Maharashtra; Attended the Third Round Table Conference in London at the invitation of the Secretary of State for India; Was a member of the Committee appointed to assist both the late Dr. M. R. Jayakar and Shri K. M. Munshi in drafting the Constitution for the Deccan States Union; Had introduced full responsible Government in his State, Free primary and secondary education and almost free medical aid to the people of his State; Rendered active service during the war on board the warships of the Indian Navy; Was awarded honorary rank of 'Lieutenant-Commander' in the Indian Navy as a mark of appreciation of his services to the Armed Forces of India; Visited the front line Indian Troops in Kashmir in 1961; Served as a member of the First Advisory Committee of Govt. of India for the National Cadet Corps along with Pandit Kunzru and others; Was closely connected with Samyukta Maharashtra issue and worked for it; President (i) Jath T. Shikshana Prasarak Mandal (ii) All India Maratha Educational Conference at its session at Mahad; Member, Poona University Board of Sports in 1955; Chairman, All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society, Poona; Vice-President, Maharashtra Badminton Association till 1960; Has donated liberally towards several charitable and social institutions in the country; Was a member of the All Maharashtra Famine Relief Committee which functioned under the Chairmanship of Dr. D. R. Gadgil; Was elected member of the Bombay Legislative Assembly in 1952 and again in 1957.

Sports:  Cricket, Tennis, Horsemanship.

Permanent address:  Ram Vilas, P.O. Jath, Distt. Sangli (Maharashtra State).

[Voting results at the Election:

Electorate:  4,57,931

Shri Vijayasinhrao Ramrao Dafle                               . .                     2,13,659

Shri R. D. Bhandare                                                   . .                        68,017

Shri Mahadeo Har Godbole                                       . .                        12,761

Shri A. R. Sutale                                                        . .                          7,933].