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[C.P.I. - Motihari (Bihar)]

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Shri Baldev Mishra

27th November, 1927

Vill. Madan Sirsian in Distt. East Champaran (Bihar)

Married in June, 1942

Smt. Kamna Mishra

Two sons and two daughters


Educated at Kesaria High School, Kesaria, B.B. Collegiate School, Muzaffarpur; Langat Singh College, Muzaffarpur; Ram Dayalu Singh College, Muzaffarpur and Patna University, Patna (Bihar)

Political and Social Worker

Shantipure; Station Road, Motihari, Distt. East. Champaran 845401 (Bihar). Tel. (06252) 2570

41, Mahadev Road, New Delhi-110001. Tel. 3718237


District Secretary, CPI, East Champaran

Elected to Lok Sabha (Fourth)

Re-elected to Lok Sabha (Fifth)

Elected to Lok Sabha (Seventh) for the third time

Elected to Lok Sabha (Tenth) for the fourth time

Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Industry for five years; Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Irrigation and Power for five years; Member, State Council of CPI, Bihar; Member, Secretariat of the District Council of CPI, East Champaran

Written a good number of poems in Hindi on various subjects

Fought against the backward social traditions at the age of seven and led a fight to hoist the National Flag against the will of the landlords who had British patronage; participated in social welfare activities since early school life; organized Arya Samaj in high school and worked against untouchability in school hostel; Area-incharge, Arya Samaj 1943-46; struggled against his own father against social atrocities on the poor and landless labourers; Member, Managing Committee, Sahibganj High School 1958-66; started a high school in Dilwarpur and remained President of its Managing Committee; Founder of three higher secondary schools in villages; associated with the opening of a degree college in Bara Chakia

Study of philosophy, psychology, history, science, Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Indian arts and social work

Horse-riding and wrestling

GDR, Nepal, East Europe and USSR; Member, All India Kisan Delegation to GDR and USSR in 1976

Deeply influenced by preachings of 'An-al-Haq' propounded by an Islamic pir Mansoor taught to him by his teacher Moulvi Abdul Rouf in class 8th; and influenced later by his mother who was a personification of human sacrifices; participated in freedom struggle; initially associated with Indian National Congress; joined CPI in 1947; fought against social atrocities and underwent imprisonment for about 11 months in 1965; jailed for participation in Land Movement in Champaran in 1970 and for demonstrating against rise in sugarcane price during Janata Party rule; Representative in Ail India Conference of the AISF 1946; Delegate to Bihar Provincial Students' Federation, Patna; President, Kisan Sabha, Champaran, 1967 onwards; Member, Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Council 1974; participated in trade union activities of Central Government Employees, associated with the opening of college at Bara Chakia and a Girls High School at Motihari and a Girls College in Areraj.