All Files (*.*)*.*FilenamePathpFiles will be expanded to a temporary folder. The files will then be used by the specified installation program.Files will be expanded to a folder specified by the user. These files can later be used by the client when installing a component such as a printer or video driver.hFiles will be compressed into a cabinet file (CAB). Self-extracting functionality will not be included.9Compressed Cabinet File (*.cab)*.CABAll Files (*.*)*.*+INF Files (*.inf)*.INFAll Files (*.*)*.*QThere is not enough memory to continue. Quit one or more programs and try again.The IExpress Self Extraction Directive file (SED) you specified does not exist. To create a new one, select Create New Self Extraction Directive file.!You must specify a package title.7You must specify a Prompt unless you select 'No prompt'=You must specify a license file unless you select No License..The license file you specified does not exist.5A file with the name '%s' already exists in the list.'You must add some files to the package.<You must select one of the files, or Enter your own command.?You must enter a custom command or select a fil